3 Days 2 Nights Wildlife Tourism In The Heart Of North Borneo



Deramakot Forest Reserve

Deramakot FR is under the jurisdiction of Sabah Forestry Department; it is the first natural tropical rainforest in the world to be certified as well-managed in accordance with sustainable forestry principles.The forest management system developed by the Sabah Forestry Department was first certified in 1997 after fulfilling all requirements of the Malaysian Criteria and Indicators (MC&I) and the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC; SGS-FM/COC 0065) Standards for Sustainable Forest Management.The management of forest operations are divided into:-

  • RIL or “Reduced Impact Logging” where harvesting is based on 30 years cycle.
  • Silviculture treatment involves planting and maintaining mixed Dipterocarp species, fruit trees and fast growing species.
  • Rehabilitation programmes are carried out at degraded forest area.
  • Forest protection is conducted by patrolling the area via existing roads and rivers.
  • Wildlife management; under RIL harvesting methodology, there has been minimal impact on wildlife; it has been recorded that Deramakot FR has abundance of wildlife including the presence of endangered species.
  • Road management; forest roads function as fire breakers, provide access for periodic wildlife inspection and support timber harvesting

According to the 2nd Forest Management Plan (2005-2014), 51,642 hectares of the forest has been allocated for sustainable production of timber, 3,423 hectares are designated for conservation and the rest for community forest.Being the FIRST Tropical Rainforest in the world to receive such certification, the purposes of most visitors to Deramakot FR are mainly focused on education, research, work visit and mere sightseeing.

Wildlife Tourism in Sabah

The ‘Wildlife Tourism’ has been chosen as the theme to describe the package of “wildlife watching and photograph” at Deramakot FR, the activities include:

  • wildlife watching, listening and photographing of wildlife in their natural habitats
  • observing plants and other elements of the natural environment
  • travelling to the observation sites
  • The location of Deramakot Forest Reserve is presented on a map below.


  • Sabah is politically stable therefore it is safe to travel to remote destinations
  • Sabah has similar time zone with Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and China
  • Sabah has a tropical climate so wildlife tourism can be conducted throughout the year
  • Deramakot is easily accessible, located within the protected areas and it has good infrastructures/facilities
  • The wildlife sites at Deramakot offer a good selection of endemics and rare wildlife species
  • With over 15,000 species of flowering plants, 3000 species of trees, 420 species of resident birds, 221 species of terrestrial mammals including endangered species such as Orangutan, Pigmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhino and Clouded Leopard
  • Visitors will not only improve their knowledge on wildlife in Sabah, but they will also learn about the management of a commercial forest reserve. The itinerary of the tour package includes learning about harvesting timber in pristine forests in sustainable manner. This provides Sabah Forestry Department a window to share its knowledge and experience with the world in sustainable forest management.

Package: Wildlife Tourism in the Heart of North Borneo

Duration: 3 days 2 nights
Destination: Sandakan – Deramakot – Sandakan

DAY 01

  • Pick up at Sandakan Airport just after 8am
  • Visit Orangutan Centre at Sepilok on the way to Telupid
  • Have lunch in a local restaurant and continue drive to Deramakot on 4WD
  • Upon arrive at Deramakot Lodge, attend a briefing on the lodge’s facilities
  • Take a wildlife drive; set-up camera traps
  • Enjoy wildlife night drive on the way back to Deramakot Lodge
  • After dinner attend a presentation on ‘sustainable logging at Deramakot’ (TBC)
  • Overnight at Deramakot Lodge

DAY 02

  • Wake up call at 5am
  • Predawn wildlife drive; wildlife spotting on the way
  • Return to Deramakot Lodge for breakfast
  • Jungle walk before lunch (optional)
  • After lunch, free at leisure
  • Late afternoon get ready for wildlife drive
  • Enjoy wildlife night drive on the way back to Deramakot Lodge
  • After dinner attend a briefing on next day’s activities and a presentation by one of the researchers on their work (TBC)
  • Overnight at Deramakot Lodge

DAY 03

  • After breakfast, pack things up and get ready to depart for Sandakan
  • Visit Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary at Labuk Bay on the way to Sandakan Airport


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